Your Wedding Photographer

A little About me, Claire Patterson

I specialise in Weddings & Portraits.  As a child I lived in India & attended the International School of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh which still exists to this day albeit back in my day we were only 35 kids in the entire school with lessons in the paddy fields, Golconda Fort and inside the bayabab tree.  It was certainly different and made lasting impressions upon my life. I knew I wanted a creative and visual career. With a BA (Hons) French & Italian at the University of Leicester and language schools in Florence and Toulous, I went on to study Photography & Art at St Martin’s College of Art, London.  In London I worked as a Photo Editor for national newspapers and magazine including Conde Nast Traveller, Time, People (US edition) The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The FT and more, commissioning photographic shoots & editing the most amazing pictures.  from behind the scenes my passion for photography grew until I set up as a photographer myself in 2000.  Having my own family makes me appreciate the chaos and colour  of life.  For me the right photographer is the one who sees the moment before it happens – the photo near the end of the last click… just as your face relaxes and you collapse in a heap, that’s when the magic happens.

My Approach to Weddings & Portraits

I know choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make and my skills will ensure you relax and have a wonderful day and enjoy your wedding photos for many years to come.

No matter what your budget you will be able to afford my Professional Photographic Wedding Services as my prices start from as little as one hour £160. Remember you are better off having a brilliant Wedding Photographer for a few hours than a cheap photographer all day so please do consider cutting back in other areas but not your Wedding Photography.

My Style

I shoot a limited number of Weddings per year to ensure a professional, and unique approach to every wedding. I also have my own log cabin studio at home in the garden for gorgeous little family shoots and shoot on location of your choosing for natural outdoor shots. I am a documentary style Story Teller with an Arts background hence the name ArtbyClaire and creatively tell your wedding through photos.

With over 15 years experience as a photographer I deliver exquisite photos of your special day with a quirky edge & an eye for the comic, touching, and fun moments.  I am friendly, discreet and easy to get along with; devoted to capturing all your amazing moments including the traditional elements of your wedding in a fun and touching way.  Apart from arranging your formal portraits (I promise not to spend too long on these so you can enjoy your guests) I will be documenting your wedding behind the scenes.


Let me know where you are getting ready, your venue location, ceremony time, ideal photography coverage for your big day and your budget and I can tailor make your wedding for you.

If you have minimum budget but still want all the extras I can accommodate you.

I am able to spend as long or as little time with you doing Bridal Prep photos even if it’s just ten minutes doing flowers , shoes, dress and getting ready shots in the mirror.  Similarly I can do a pretend cutting cake shot before you go in for your wedding breakfast if it’s a few hours you want.

As a general rule of thumb the later your ceremony is in the day the fewer photographic hours required to include Bridal Prep to First Dance.

The average length of wedding photography for Bridal Prep to First Dance is between 7 – 9 hours.


Practical stuff ! I have the latest Canon EOS Mark III and a Canon 24 – 70mm F2.8 lens too for the bulk of my wedding work and also use a 70-200mm f4 and a 50mm & 85mm F1.8  lenses too.  I also have a 4×4 SUV so you can rely on me getting to your wedding whatever the weather.

What do I wear? 

I wear black and rubber soles shoes so I can run quietly. You won’t even notice me at times. I’ve modelled myself on Lara Croft (ha ha) so expect to see me with two cameras slung around my neck, a bumbag (wish that sounded more exotic) and some practical boots.

Viewing my work in advance

ArtbyClaire believes it is important you see complete weddings (if you know your venue already please let me know as I can send you links to weddings I have done there)


I am also recommended by Latimer House, Sopwell House, Shendish Manor, Boxmoor Lodge, Osterley House, The Bury, Aubrey Park Hotel, Woburn Inn, The Holiday Inn, Marston Vale, St Michael’s Manor, Moor Park, The Noke Thistle, The Grove, Putteridge Bury and work with an excellent network of reputable suppliers.

I look forward to working together with you both to make your day the best ever photographic  success!

Claire X

And just for fun – What makes me different to all other Wedding photographers? Someone once asked me this question and I’ve given it a lot of thought as you can see!

  1. I am small and fast and practically invisible.
  2. I dress all in black and am discreet like a ninja.
  3. You can tell me all your family secrets and I won’t breathe a word.
  4. I am great at crowd control, and don’t require a megaphone.
  5. I get your formal portraits over in a fun way so you can get on with enjoying yourselves.
  6. I won’t be one of those annoying photographers who ruins your big day.
  7. I keep myself up to date with all the latest trends so you don’t have to.
  8. I keep a blog, LinkedIn, FB, Googlemail Business,Twitter & Pinterest simultaneously
  9. I am at your beck and call – from the minute you express interest in hiring me .
  10. You can skype me if you can’t face a drive over to my place & you’d prefer to spend time with your fiancé instead. I would totally understand after all you are only going to spend the rest of your lives together.
  11. I am also a fan of PInterest so please don’t worry about revealing your Mood Board to me.
  12. And lastly I’m fun to be with, professional, & I LOVE being with you on your big day.
  13. Your wedding photos will be amazing and when that happens my life’s ambition complete.