The Engagement Studio

Why choose one?

Well it’s a great way of really feeling more comfortable with being photographed in advance of your wedding day. Most brides and Groom choose their venue for the shoot but you are welcome to choose anywhere you feel comfortable.

Who can have an engagement shoot?

Pre-Wedding Shoots are available to all my Wedding customers.

Are they included in every Wedding Package?

They are not, simply because not everyone wants one.

Where can I have my shoot?

Pre-Wedding Shoots are available on location of your choosing – your venue is a great idea or can even be held at my studio.

Does it cost anything?

There is a lot of time spent editing and doing the photos so it is assumed the bride and groom would like to make a purchase . Therefore a minimum spend is required pre shoot of £100

How much to buy all the hi res images?

You can purchase prints up to the value of £100 or hires images £20 each or buy all the DVD of hires images for £150.

Travel Fees?

A Travel Fee will apply for all shoots outside Hertfordshire.

How long will it last?

These generally last  30 mins at a location within Hertfordshire.

How many photos will there be?

Normally around 40 photos.

Are they uploaded to an online gallery?

Yes all photos will be uploaded to my password protected gallery for viewing

Save the Date?

Some brides and grooms like to do an engagement shoot so they can send off a Save the Date photo of themselves from the shoot to their wedding guests.

Framed Signature Print

Another idea is to use a photo from the engagement shoot and have it mounted in a large surround so guests can sign it on the wedding day itself.