Wedding FAQ

Here’s some helpful questions and answers regarding your big day! It’s all the practical stuff you might have already thought of too.

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Your guide to choosing your Wedding Photographer

I get asked a lot of questions about being a Wedding Photographer and I
think I’ve pretty much got it covered by now – but here you go – everything you ever wanted to know.

Are you a full time Wedding Photographer?

Yes. I have been a photographer for 20 years and this is my full time

That’s really important to establish and separates me from people who offer
wedding photography as a part time job.

Focusing on weddings means I offer a much more cohesive and professional
wedding shoot and my expertise over the years comes into practice.

I photograph approximately 30 a year.

Do you work alone?

I have always worked alone and have never found a need for a second
photographer. I am a super fast runner!  Normally with careful planning I
can get all the shots you need  and sometimes having a team of two can
make your wedding feel slightly overwhelming. 

Very occasionally if am doing a large Asian wedding I I might get a student
to carry my bags etc. I  cover enough ground/photos by myself by working
extremely hard to capture everything you require and more.

What would you say your talent as a photographer is?

Being a wedding Photographer is not just about taking photos on the day. It
is about liaising, planning ahead, getting to know the couple and having an instinct
about what will work.

I make sure things run on time, and liaise with the vicar, registrars,
videographers, wedding coordinator, the DJ’s, the toastmaster, and ensure it
all goes to plan.

I adapt our photo plans if the heavens should open or the sun suddenly
blasts down – we always need a contingency plan! The best photographers will be
inventive, creative and work very hard to get you the very best photos on the
day despite the weather – to a good photographer bad weather can even be an
opportunity to get more creative.

I keep an eye on your outfit, your makeup, your hair, your dress. I get rid
of unwanted flies under the veil and have plasters in case you get a blister, I
also fan your dress out when your bridesmaid has gone awol. I liaise with stressed
and emotional parents, and take it upon myself to look after them!

I work tirelessly behind the scenes so you don’t have to.  Mostly you
will have no idea of the lengths I will go to!

Good photographers are also therapists and your shoulder to lean on for

And a top photographer will do all this for and more which is why it pays to
invest in a professional photographer who delivers not only beautiful photos
but knows how to orchestrate your family, the venue, your friends and bring it
all together creating stunning photos at the end of the your wedding day.

That’s why being a wedding photographer is not just about taking photos.

Lots of people can take photos but it takes huge PR skills to be a brilliant
all round photographer too.

What is your style of Wedding Photography?

I come from a creative arts background and there are two approaches I take
to your photography.

The simpler, more luxurious and styled the background  the more of a
‘fine art’ photographic approach can be taken – think beautiful still life
paintings.    If your wedding is chaotic, fun and a riot of
colour then your photos will be more ‘documentary’ fly on the wall
approach.   This is where most weddings will comfortably sit. 
However there is often an overlap and mingling of the two styles when creating
your Wedding story.

I am known for using magical digital techniques and applying them to a few
stand out images of the two of you to make something stunning, unique &
dramatic for your walls.

The rest of your edited photos are fun, and sensitively done without any

Can I create a bespoke Wedding Package?

I will tailor make your wedding for you according to your specific
requirements. Just let me know your ceremony time and we will take it from
there.  I work closely with you to make sure everything runs to plan down
to the last hour.

How many hours will I need?

As a general rule of thumb the earlier your ceremony is in the day the more
photographic hours required to include Bridal Prep to First Dance. The average
length of wedding photography for Bridal Prep to First Dance is up to 9 hours.

Do you provide all the hi res digital photos?

Absolutely – the edited photos are yours to keep without the watermark.

Do I received unedited raw photos?

No all photos are edited and deleted where appropriate – only the edited
photos are presented to you on a USB stick without watermark.   I
liken it to making a movie – you wouldn’t expect an unedited film to be
released at the movies.  They will be in a jpeg format not raw.

Do you provide black and white photos?

Yes. I not only provide black and white photos but an easy upload set for
social media too.

What is the Client Gallery like?

The new Client Gallery is absolutely beautiful – your guests can order
prints online, social media share and convert to black and white.

You will be provided with a password which is up to you to share. This is a
beautifully mobile friendly web gallery too!

I have a Pinterest Mood Board can I share it with you ?

Ha, I get asked this all the time – the answer is yes do show me (I am a fan
myself) and of course but we will recreate it in our own way and style.


Practical stuff ! I have the latest Canon EOS Mark IV and a Canon Mark III
(both full frame sensors) and a Canon 24 – 70mm F2.8 lens for the bulk of my
wedding work and I also use a zoom 70-200mm f4 and a 50mm & 85mm F1.4 
lenses too.

I also have a 4×4 SUV Jeep so you can rely on me getting to your wedding
whatever the weather.

Post production is done mainly with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

I am a bit shy/my partner is shy – how can you help us?

I am used to nervous/anxious grooms and brides believe it or not so please
don’t worry – we will talk about your wishes for the big day in advance and I
will help set you both at your ease. Walking is my biggest tip as then you
naturally feel relaxed – having an engagement shoot ahead of your wedding also
super helps!

What do you wear on the day? 

I wear black and rubber soled boots so I can run quietly like a ninja.
I’ve modelled myself on Lara Croft (ha ha) so expect to see me with two cameras
slung around my neck, a bumbag (wish that sounded more exotic) and some
lucozade at the ready.

Do we need to organise a meal and drinks for you?

Yes. If am with you for more than four hours I do require some sustenance –
doing a wedding is hugely physically demanding as we are on our feet for
possible up to 10 hours.  I liken it to being an athlete – I always make
sure I’ve eaten a big cooked breakfast before I arrive – but photographers
can’t nip out to get snacks at venues especially at some of our locations 
which are in the middle of nowhere and the last thing you want is your
photographer fainting or absconding … so yes – anything you can provide would
be supremely appreciated.  I eat anything and happy to have anything from
the bar menu.

Do you work with anyone else?

No I don’t work with any assistants and have never found I needed to –
 very occasionally if am doing a large Asian wedding I might get a student
to carry my bags etc. I cover enough ground/photos by myself by working
extremely hard to capture everything you require and more.

How do you plan our Formal Portraits?

I will work with you in advance of your big day with a suggested list of
portraits for you to organise your own list of formal family portraits. 
Although these are called formal I try to inject fun into them so they are not
stiff or too posed.  I suggest around about 20 or so formal portraits so
we can split the rest of the time on portraits of the two of you and then

Do you have insurance?

I have public liability insurance up to £2 million and professional
indemnity cover but I would always recommend couples take out their own Wedding
Insurance from reputable suppliers such as M&S.

What happens if your cameras fail?

For the record this has never happened.  I do a yearly maintenance with
Canon to make sure they are in tip top condition.  I also keep a duplicate
set of back up cameras and lenses in the car. Both my Canons offers dual
recording which means I effectively get two copies of every shot I take.

What if you can’t make your wedding?

It has never happened in 15 years however I have a couple of close
photographer colleagues and we act as back ups to each other but this has never
happened to any of us.

How far ahead of time are you booked?

Sometimes I am booked up to two years in advance.  On the whole it is 1
year to 18 months. My busiest time of year is from March to October.

Is this my full time occupation?

Yes I am a full time Wedding Photographer.

How do I book you?

To guarantee the date in my diary you would need to pay your booking deposit
with me.   I cannot book you in otherwise as definite.