When to come?

For your Baby Bump shoot I recommend you come when you have a sizeable bump – ie one you can put your arms around.

It all depends how big you are and shapely! Come on that bump – we want to see you sticking out!

Which shoot should I choose?

You can choose a Mini Shoot if you want to get it over fast and are a bit bashful but long for the shoot all the same!

You may want an at home shoot if you are feeling uncomfortable or suffering from pelvic pain.

Or you may want a 30 mins shoot or an hour long studio shoot – it is completely up to you with no pressure from me!

I cannot however extend it on the day.

Your health and well being

Please make sure you feel comfortable and well before the shoot, and I will be as gentle as possible with you too.

No awkward lying down positions which don’t feel good unless you are totally up for it.

The kinds of shots to expect

It’s fun to do beautiful sensual photos which will remind you of this amazing time in your life!

I use a selection of different lighting, to create some shapes and different backgrounds for effect.

I want for you to be relaxed and actually have fun with this shoot – it really is great being pregnant and a miracle and we want to reflect that joy!

Should I be naked?

Well, I think to create a very special shot it really is nice to be semi naked by the end of the shoot – but in a wholly beautiful way.

However only if you want to.

I suggest starting off with shirt/tshirt, jeans etc/ then going down to your bra and jeans etc/ knickers, then draping bump in fabrics and then ultimately covering your breasts, holding your belly in a very natural lovely way…. But again only if you feel comfortable doing that on the day otherwise we don’t!

Can you disguise my tummy’s blemishes?

Hell yes! Of course I can so please don’t worry about the linea negra which develops or anything else for that matter!

I will smooth out skin tones/any bumps/dimples or spots on your belly and breasts down during post shoot editing so please don’t worry.

Bringing a partner?

If you are bringing a partner we will incorporate them into the shoot by having them interact with you.

Putting their arms around you from behind, embracing from the front, cradling the bump, kissing the bump – anything you are comfortable doing.

We can also get your hands together making a heart shape.

What to bring?

Please do your hair and make up before the shoot – something soft and natural.

I would suggest bringing a few different tops such as an oversized shirt, a vest, something which can be unbuttoned.

I have a variety of shawls and scarves but if you have something you wish to use to drape around your bump and breasts then I would recommend bringing it along.

Baby scan

A nice thing to do is bring along your baby scan if you have one – either as a piece of paper or in a frame so we can hold it outside your bump.

Date Sign

Or you might want to have a date the baby is due/ and if a girl on a wooden sign or a black board – this could be used to surprise people if they don’t already know the date or sex?


Please feel free to bring any ideas you wish to recreate with you on your phone from Pinterest as there is a huge selection on there – otherwise I will guide you to positions and ideas.

Albums & Prints

I can do large prints and album books for you to show off your wonderful and amazing body too!

I hope you enjoy it and know you are in safe hands.