The Boudoir Gallery




Boudoir Shoot FAQ

For your boudoir shoot I recommend you look at bringing the following items below but please remember I will work with you and your comfort zone and we will work out together what your comfortable doing etc, and build up your confidence as we shoot.

The idea is to create sexy/sensual photos which will tease your guy but look sophisticated at the same time.

We can also do some cheeky/fun ones.

I use a selection of different lighting, to create some dark/moody shapes.

I also will alternate between using fur rugs, having you lie down and standing/and sitting depending on your body type.

How much you show of your body is up to you, but I recommend to leave a lot to imagination too and there are ways of being naked but not revealing too much at same time.

If you have any tattoos you wish to reveal that’s fine too, and can create a sensual effect if well done!

It’s all in the hints of sexiness that will work out best.

Finally I also have a tool which I use post editing to smooth out skin tones/any bumps/dimples or spots etc so please don’t worry.

Boudoir clothes to consider bringing.

Oversized man’s shirt – ie your partners.

Vest/tshirt top.

Sexy tshirt and clear glasses.

Any sport team he might support – bring scarf/tshirt/long socks/shorts etc

Jean shorts


Bring selection of your favourite underwear/stockings/suspenders

Please feel free to bring any ideas you wish to recreate with you on your phone from pinterest as there is a huge selection on there.

I can do large prints and album books for you to show off your prints or if you prefer just to keep your CD of hires images on file then that’s up to you too!

I hope you enjoy it and know you are in safe hands.