The Fine Details

 ‘The Ultimate Brand Identity Investment ‘

Is a commitment to all seven shoots and is not refundable should you cancel any of the shoots.  It is booked only on the understanding that all shoots will be scheduled in advance at time of booking and carried out within one year.


It is advised you don’t use a filter on your images on social media, tempting as it may be, but it will affect the overall quality and professionalism of your shoot images.  And a mixture of different filters will not enhance the overall look of your shoot.

For In the Wild Portraits at home/Stock Shots at home:

It would be advisable to have to hand:

  • Your favourite mug/cup of coffee
  • Pastries
  • Flowers in a vase/ seasonal berries/fruit in a bowl
  • Notepad and pens
  • Any influencing books you are reading
  • Tools of your trade ie any equipment associated with your work
  • These items would be scattered about your tools.
  • Your pet (if you have one)
  • Plus any other fun props you would like to incorporate.


Please credit @artbyclairephotography for social media|magazines|commercial use.

Not necessary for personal website design |flyers| brochures

Travel Fees

May be added depending on location for shoots/travel to work place.


Props required specifically for the shoot will need to be purchased by you in advance.

This normally includes things like a nice coffee mug, flowers, notepad, pens etc and is fairly minimal cost wise and most likely you will have these already.

Makeup artist/hair stylist

If you wish or prefer to hire a makeup artist or hairstylist please let me know and I will arrange for them to visit you prior to the shoot.  I work with two excellent stylists.

You will liaise with them directly and pay them independently.

Hire of a space

I am currently sourcing some venues for alternative shoots for those who feel their house/work place doesn’t represent them or would like different back grounds etc.

This will be charged as a separate fee and can range from £30 – £150 an hour. 

This will be charged directly to you to be paid in advance of the shoot date.

Times of Shoots

All shoots will only take place during Monday to Friday during normal office hours and not weekends.


All shoots are paid for in advance.  This is to cover my time and any expenses involved setting up your shoot.  If for any reason you need to postpone, your shoot will be rolled to another date where convenient but a surcharge of £25 will be made per postponement.

 If you cancel for no reason, no refund will be made.