NewBorns & Babies

I decided to set up The Baby Studio when so many friends had babies! From this, my interest grew and I joined Banpas (baby and newborn photography association) and my passion intensified. For me shooting newborns is an absolute privilege and honour. Please don’t hesitate to bring your little one to me for their first shoot.


When should I bring baby?

It really depends what you want to get out of your baby photos.

You can bring baby along for a shoot when they are 2 plus weeks. They will be at the very sleepy stage.

If you bring from 6 weeks onwards you might get a smile out of them.

After three months they start becoming more alert.

At five months they can be gurgling and able to prop up their heads very nicely.

At seven months they might be able to sit unaided.

And at 12 months you can do my First Birthday and/or Cake Smash shoot too!!

My best Baby Studio Days are:

I run the Baby Studio on Mondays and Thursdays.

If you are really struggling I can sometimes do a different day of the week and very occasionally a weekend work permitting so let me know..

Bringing my partner or friend/family member

That’s totally fine and you are welcome to bring whoever just let me know.

Breast feeding photos

If you want to incorporate some nice stylish breast feeding photos (if you happen to be breastfeeding) then we can do that no problem – sometimes it’s good just to bring a nice black or white vest and we can do an off the shoulder look, or a wrap…

This might suit the Deluxe Shoot realistically but sometimes babies happy to feed for Regular shoot but just remember it deducts time…


You can book your baby in before your baby is born but the date will obviously have to be flexible.

Should I come multiple times or a one off?

It is completely up to you but you may decide you wish to record them 6 times in the first year of life spread out from eg

2 weeks/8 weeks/4 months/ 7months/9 months/1 year.

Studio or location

I would recommend coming to the Studio for your shoot only because I have lots of props and backgrounds we can use plus it will be nice and warm in there!

However if your baby is colicky and not too well I am more than happy to come to you. Also if you have had a C section you may prefer to do the photos are your home too.


I have multiple props and backdrops for baby including scarves/hats/rugs/etc.

But feel free to bring along a change of clothes and any girlie stuff especially.

Bring baby’s scan if you like/or hospital wrist tag.

Favourite teddy bear etc.

Mummy and daddy’s wedding rings to put on their little toes etc.

What should my Baby wear?

Please bring them in their first outfit for the shoot so we are good to go from when you arrive at the Studio.

This will save valuable time in your allotted shoot.

I will then undress them to their vest/baby grow then their nappy and then naked, then redress them.

This is your opportunity to put them in a different outfit. Feel free to bring hats/or girlie head bands/tutus with flowers etc

How long a shoot should I book?

If you want photos of mum/dad AND baby separately and with you all together this is perfectly doable but make sure you choose a shoot which permits enough time.

It is occasionally possible to do this all in a Mini Shoot but it will be done very fast and very much depends on your baby and is very fortunate to get all done in the time!

If you want your baby photographed with siblings in addition to mum/dad shots and separate baby shots I would wholly recommend the Deluxe Shoot.


That’s it – if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!

But rest assured you will be in safe hands and have an enjoyable shoot.

Claire x