NEWBORN BABY (up to 2 months) & BABY (up to 1 year) SHOOT FAQ

Photo Session options

Please note for Newborns/babies up to one year old I only offer Gold Session up to 60 minutes shoot with unlimited hires digital images (yours to keep)

 What age is a ‘newborn’?

A baby is considered a newborn up to 2 months old.  After that I refer to a ‘baby’.

Premature Babies

Unless they are a premature baby whereby you might be able to extend this time period considerably.

You may also find that your premature baby is not able to travel so an ‘at home’ shoot might suit you more.

At home shoot

If you require an ‘at home’ shoot I add £50 towards cost of travel/time and bringing some props with me.

When should I bring newborn/baby?

It really depends what you want to get out of your baby photos.

Ideally I love a newborn within the first two weeks. They will be at the very sleepy stage & are much more flexible to bend and curl up in a ball.

From 4 weeks their legs will be stiffer and they start to lose their reflex action and much harder to curl them up.

At three months they start becoming more alert and are much chubbier.

At six months they can be gurgling and able to prop up their heads very nicely.

At nine months they might be able to sit unaided.

And at 12 months you can do my First Birthday and/or Cake Smash shoot.

I want to book in my  Family to have photos WITH our baby ?

You may wish to incorporate some or all family portraits of the following nature:

Mum and baby photos

Mum and breastfeeding photos

Dad and baby photos

Baby with a sibling/siblings

Everyone all together

Concentrating on these family photos  will not necessarily include photos of the baby on its own in one hour.

There is also no guarantee siblings will cooperate for all of these shots, so I will concentrate on those most important to you.

Bringing a toddler and a newborn for a Studio Shoot?

I suggest toddler siblings come in the studio to do a few photos then play in my conservatory/garden/watch tv in my house for the duration of the shoot with one parent and return at end to do a family group shot.

A word about Sibling Shoots

Toddlers are notoriously tricky to photograph with young babies.

This is because they can’t hold them responsibly – ie they will  not be able to support them/may even drop them,  and they may also be suffering from sibling envy.

Their attention span is very poor and they won’t want to be at a newborn shoot for a full hour.

Sometimes bringing a favourite teddy/toy/snack along helps too for the siblings..

Or a favourite iphone/youtube video

Older siblings are generally fine!

Sibling Shoot clothing tips

If you are bringing a sibling please bring them ready in the outfit to start the shoot.

Feel free to bring siblings/newborns in matching outfits if you prefer or similar colour tones works well.

Jeans on older children and stripes look good.

Don’t bring shiny fabrics as they bounce off the camera.

Don’t forget baby will be wrapped up during the shoot or semi naked and can look very nice for a toddler to hold baby wearing a plain white vest or without a top on at all.

With two or more children changing outfits is increasingly difficult so I don’t tend to change clothes/outfits. Apart from removing a top/swapping a top if everyone is happy!

However my main focus will be on getting both children in the right mood for a photo over parental outfits choices.

Booking in advance of baby’s birth?

You can book your baby in before your baby is born but the date will obviously have to be flexible and is easy to change so no problem if baby is early or late.  There is no penalty fee!

Which days can you do?

My best Baby Studio Days are:

I run the Baby Studio on Mondays and Thursdays

However If you are really struggling I can sometimes do a different day of the week and very occasionally a weekend so let me know.

  • Weekends are also limited because of weddings

Bringing my partner or friend/family member

That’s totally fine and you are welcome to bring whoever just let me know as I have limited seating.

However please note it is better for the baby to have as quiet a shoot as possible without observers.  Esp if toddlers are involved.

What happens if my baby cries during the shoot? 

It is perfectly reasonable  though to expect some degree of crying at various times throughout the hour and very few babies sleep straight through although some do!

Normally mum’s know before 24 hours before a  shoot whether baby is in a good mood or not and would take the opportunity to postpone it to another time if they were at all concerned.

This is why I recommend up to one hour shoot for all newborn/baby shoots because if/when baby cries (which all babies do!) –it is normally only for a few minutes at a time generally and would be part of the shoot time.

This is all factored into my props/scenes change time and is when I take the opportunity to change the set, and the scene during cuddles and feeding time.

Some mums like to use this time for breast feeding shots (or bottle feeding shots )

If baby cries it just means we have less prop/outfit changes but does not mean quality of photos is reduced.

Often babies ‘perform’ for the camera in literally nano seconds.

So in one hour they actually give you ten minutes – it’s actually all I need in terms of good shoot time.

Some babies will be able to sleep right through the hour, and I will be able to do lots of prop changes and outfit changes.

However some babies will protest more and we will  do fewer ‘scenes’.

This does not mean you won’t still get some wonderful shot but we do need to be realistic that not all babies will perform the same on their shoot day.

I have never yet had a baby turn up and cry for the entire hour.

However occasionally shoots end before the allotted time because I am a) satisfied we have got enough shots b) because baby has had enough.

Some photographers will insist you come for a three hour shoot with baby  – for me this has always felt a very stressful and long drawn out experience for both new parents and baby and has never felt necessary.

If your baby was hysterical on arrival for 15 minutes then you can make decision to leave and we will reschedule your shoot.

No refunds are made in the event this occurs but will only be done once for you.

However if your baby cries towards the middle/end of the shoot hysterically we would not be reshooting the entire hour again.

Mum and Baby Photos

It can be really nice to have mum in a very long floaty skirt or dress holding baby for instance but if you are more of a jeans girl that’s fine too.

Breast feeding photos

If you want to incorporate some nice stylish breast feeding photos (if you happen to be breastfeeding) then we can do that no problem.

Bring a nice black or white vest and we can do an off the shoulder look, or a wrap… or a simple maternity bra is fine too.

Dad and Baby Photos

Great to have dad holding baby in the tree position and cradling babys head etc.

Dad in jeans and plain top, or with top removed and baby on chest also look nice.

Should I come multiple times or a one off?

It is completely up to you but you may decide you wish to record them 6 times in the first year of life

Suggested ages for multiple shoots – 2 weeks/3 months/ 6 months/9 months/1 year.

Studio or location

I would recommend coming to the Studio for your shoot only because I have lots of props and backgrounds we can use plus it will be nice and warm in there!

However if your baby is colicky and not too well I am more than happy to come to you.

Also if you have had a C section you may prefer to do the photos are your home too.


I have multiple props and backdrops for baby including scarves/hats/rugs/etc.

But feel free to bring along a change of clothes and any items you might like to be incorporated.

Bring baby’s scan if you like/or hospital wrist tag.

Favourite teddy bear etc.

Mummy and daddy’s wedding rings to put on their little toes etc.

What should my Baby wear?

If you want your baby photographed in the first outfit they are wearing when they arrive let me know and will shoot them in this first.

I will be undressing your baby and putting them in a wrap.

If baby is good then multiple wraps.

Also different backgrounds and props if baby can handle it!

Sometimes different hats/hair bands are possible too  – some babies hate hats on their heads in which can we abandon this idea immediately.

Then I will undress baby completely and get them naked.

They will then be redressed in your going home outfit.

This is your opportunity to put them in a different outfit at the end but time constraints and baby’s mood may mean it is not possible to do this shot.

It depends  if baby has had enough by the end.

  • The above information is intended as a guide only
  • It always depends on the baby on the day and how they are.