My second passion next to photography is interiors.  In fact my first job out of uni was working for an interior design company in London called HMK.  I was only there a short while before I moved into the world of journalism and pictures but for the past twenty years or so interiors and architecture has been a constant source of fascination.  I love following all the interior and architectural posts on Instagram and have half dabbled with idea of setting up my own interior  wish list on Insta too until realised I would have to make everything tidy each day!

However it made sense to add interiors to my love of all things photography.

So if you are interested in a quote for an interior shoot I have been involved in shooting interiors for businesses/retail and hotels for the past ten years.

All quotes will be bespoke around your specific requirements.

I am happy to shoot a combination of interiors plus exteriors plus all the little close up details which look creative and artistic and set the scene.