A word about engagement shoots…

I just did my first engagement shoot of 2019 at Shendish Manor which is the venue this couple will be getting married at later in the year. It was a misty morning before the sun came up and they brought their young children to be photographed for part of the shoot too.  I always keep my engagement shoots to about 30 minutes because realistically this will be the approximate time you will have post ceremony and pre wedding breakfast for the two of you.  I also find doing the shoot at your venue really helpful because not only do you get to know your venue intimately, it can really help battle nerves on the big day because you are already familiar with your photo route.

Here’s a little review from the happy pair…

From Claire & Craig : ‘Ohhh so exicting!! Can’t wait. Yes glad we had engagement shoot highly recommend and definitely help us feel more confident around the camera! Thanks for your help and we can’t wait to see all the photos 🙂 x ‘

So if you have not yet got round to booking your engagement shoot please do.  They really are fab and fun and will definitely help you relax more on your big day.  You can also use the photos for your wedding invitation too.

If you want more details just email me claire@artbyclaire.com


Hannah & Steve’s Engagement Shoot, Ashridge

I am photographing Hannah & Steve’s wedding this November at Latimer House and our engagement shoot was a great chance to meet them and get to know them a little more.  The day of their shoot was their five year anniversary which made it more cute.  They decided not to bring their year old doberman along , Apollo – I can only say was slightly relieved when found out he is very bouncy and enthusiastic (ha ha)  Anyway this lovely couple were a joy to shoot – very natural, we even incorporated them drinking with their coffee cups and going for a walk which is apparently what they do a lot. Steve’s not the biggest fan of dressing up so he opted for fluorescent shoes and shorts – thanks Steve (just kidding) but everything about this couple meant I knew this shoot would be easy to reflect their fun personalities.  They are really a couple of softies very much in love and looking forward to their wedding day.  Here’s just a few of their engagement shoot photos to share….