Branding Gallery

Pepino Puppets shoot with Petra, one of the founders. An exciting opportunity to photograph an up and coming business owner originally from the Czech Republic but located in Hertfordshire.  Showing the tools of her trade, we created a substantial amount of stock images for her to dip into throughout the year to illustrate the tools of her trade.  Next we set about creating a catalogue of images to be used to show Petra at work, as well as close ups of her hands on her creations and the finished article.

Lastly we did a series of portraits ranging from ‘at work’ at her home office, and workshop plus Petra relaxing with croissants and the cutest dog in the world, her little Poppy.  Overall Petra now has a fantastic bank of images to use throughout the year for her social media, website and any other promotional material.  Good luck with the crowd funding – we also did some photos to specifically help with this.