Branding for Creative Women and Entrepreneurs

Are you a female entrepreneur setting up your own business and want to tell your story but don’t know where to start?

As a creative woman in business myself who set up my own photography business over 15 years ago, I understand where you are coming from and can help you to get to where you want to go through photography. 

Never has social media become so important so we need to create a portfolio of images which reflect you and tell your Creative Story.   

We do this with a series of well thought out and articulated portraits and photographs which represent what you do and who you are. Developing a stock of images which you can use over and over and keep you relevant for a whole year.

Together we will create a mood board of images for you to use and keep your social media updates current and relevant and most importantly reflect your goals, services and your beautiful, creative and imaginative self.


Firstly email me your business, any website/Instagra/FB accounts etc so I can explore your business and your social media presence.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet as the point is for me to help you develop your ‘personality’ and presence on line.

In a few words, let me know what the essence of your business is, and where you want to go or where you think it is lacking.

I will explore your business with a non biased eye.

Next we will set up a phone call (allow approx. 30 minutes) to see what areas might make the most impact whether you are looking for a quick fix or a long term plan.

We will go through your budget and set up a plan of action.  Have your diary to hand.

Once we have our first date in the diary, your invoice for your choice of shoot, (See Investment option to purchase all 7 shoots below) will be sent to you to settle in advance.

Studio Head Shots

We can launch you with a series of simple studio portraits to get you started straight away.

This will show who you are and introduce you to your target audience immediately.

It’s a quick hello if you like and ‘look at me’ and the person behind the business.

Your personal voice is launched just like that.

I know from personal experience when I post a photo of myself to reflect my work on any of my social media sites I always get more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ than any other posts. It’s so important to develop a sense of who you are with your work and give your audience a sneaky peak of you from time to time.    You are your own best advert after all.

Studio Shoot Price

30 minutes, with two different backdrops and change of outfits at my premises  £150

  • This can be done outdoors if preferred or at your home.

Four Seasons Portraits

A great way to improve and develop your portraits and keep your audience interested is to do Seasonal headshots ie:

Session One Photos: Spring (March, April, May)

Session Two Photos: Summer (June, July, August, September)

Session Three Photos: Autumn (October, November)

Session Four Photos: Winter (December, January, February)

Local locations are generally sourced for these shoots outdoors

These portraits can be done at your home to permit both indoor and outdoor looks but must have some access to outdoors to reflect the season.

Each shoot is one hour with option to change outfits during that time but each outfit should reflect the seasons.  So light cottons in summer, and woolly gear in winter.

Four Seasons Bundle Portraits Price

One hour outdoor shoot taken in every season with unlimited hi res digital images included.  If booked and paid in advance qualifies for massive discount £600 for all four shoots which works out £150 per shoot.

Or you can book a single Seasonal Portrait at any time of the year £200

Work Place

We will shoot you at your work place at your desk, studio, office in situ basically in multiple working at home/office locations so you will be able to dip into a pool of fantastic ‘you at work’ images.

This may be something as relaxed as you sitting on your sofa with a laptop at home, reading some relevant work material, or preparing the tools of your trade.

The most important thing is to place you and your work to create your work ‘identity’.

The space will reflect you and your work and even if you don’t feel your place is studio ready there are techniques I can use to close crop and zoom in to develop a mood board for you.

Never underestimate how much people love to see how you work and where.  It makes you more personable and approachable and creates your visual story.

Work Place Shoot Price

One hour shoot with unlimited hi res digital images and change of outfits £200

Stock Shots

If you are a budding florist/artist/creative in any way we will create a set of stock images which you can use on social media to reflect your artistic direction and keep you on trend.

This might reflect the tools of your trade whether that be your laptop, flowers, seeds, art equipment ie all the practical stuff, but we will also add in alternative props.

Not forgetting any pets you have roaming around the place too.  Instagrammers especially love to get to know your pet.

For this shoot you need to have ready:

  • Your favourite mug
  • Pastries
  • Flowers in a vase
  • Notepad and pens
  • Any influencing books you are reading
  • Tools of your trade ie any equipment associated with your work
  • Your Pet (!)

You yourself will not feature especially in these stock shots however your hands may be required to hold your tools, write your literature and so on.

Stock Shot Shoot Price

One hour, with unlimited hi res digital images £200

We also offer a discount for multiple yearly Stock Shot Shoots. If you have a brand with lots of regularly changing stock you need updated this might be a very handy option.

Each subsequent Stock Shot Shoot Price would be £150.

Price Summary

Consultation (30 minutes)                              £0

Studio Head Shots x 1 shoot                            £150

Four Seasons Portraits x 4 shoots                   £600

Work Place Shoot x 1 shoot                            £200

Stock Shot Shoot x 1 shoot                              £200


If you would like to invest in all seven shoots (above) we offer all of the above £1150, which works out as £95 a month.  We believe this represents fantastic value for money and will give you an unlimited supply of amazing business/lifestyle images to use for a whole year.

Other Good to know Stuff

Stock Shot Shoot

We aim to provide you with approximately 200 social media ready images for your ‘lazy’ days.  The days when you need a relevant stock image to reflect you and your work.

This works out around 15 different images available for use per month.

Travel Fees

May apply depending on location for any shoots and will be charged separately.


Props required specifically for the shoot will need to be purchased by you in advance.

This normally includes things like a nice coffee mug, flowers, notepad, pens etc and is fairly minimal cost wise and most likely you will have these already.

Makeup artist/hair stylist

If you wish or prefer to hire a makeup artist or hairstylist please let me know and I will arrange for them to visit you prior to the shoot.  I work with two excellent stylists.

You will liaise with them directly and pay them independently.

Hire of a space

If you wish to hire a space for any of the above shoots please let me know so I can source for you.

This will be charged as a separate fee and can range from £30 – £150 an hour.  This will be charged directly to you to be paid in advance of the shoot date.

Times of Shoots

All shoots will only take place during Monday to Friday during normal office hours and not weekends.


All shoots are paid for in advance.  This is to cover my time and any expenses involved setting up your shoot.  If for any reason you need to postpone, your shoot will be rolled to another date where convenient but a surcharge of £25 will be made per postponement.

 If you cancel for no reason, no refund will be made.