I am an Artist & a Photographer and it is this combination I bring to your Weddings , Portraits & Commissioned Art. ArtbyClaire Photography is a culmination of my Photography and Art and was founded in January 2004. 
As a child, I lived in India & attended the International School of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh which still exists to this day albeit back in my day we were only 35 kids in the entire school with lessons in the paddy fields, Golconda Fort and inside the bayabab tree. It was certainly different. Within this totally unique and multi cultural society, I made my lasting impressions of life and knew I wanted a creative and visual career. 

These images made far reaching impressions and I went on to travel in the Far East, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, Australia, always taking my paint box, a sketch book and camera to capture the unexpected moments of life. 

With a BA (Hons) French & Italian at the University of Leicester and language schools in Florence and Toulouse, I then went on to study Photography and Art at St Martin’s College of Art, London.  This was a fascinating time and led to my discovery of both the magic of the dark room and digital photography. 

In London I initially worked as a Photo Editor for national newspapers and magazines including Conde Nast Traveller, Time, People (US Edition) The Daily Mail,  The Telegraph, The FT & more, commissioning photographic shoots and editing the most amazing pictures. From behind the scenes, my passion for photography grew until I set up as a photographer myself in 2000. 

 I specialise in Weddings and Children and Family Photography, including beloved Pets (!). I also do corporate events and can assist you with building business/website portfolio headshots and branding. 

Most recently I set up The Baby Studio and became a member of BANPAS  in 2015    (The Baby and Newborn Photographers Assiciation) 

I can offer shoots on both location , at my log cabin studio or at home, the choice is yours. 

I believe confidence, friendliness and trust in a photographer ensures the most natural portraiture, and I am at my best when helping people relax and be themselves.

Having my own family makes me appreciate the chaos and colour of life and I know every moment is precious. 

For me the right Photographer is one who sees the moment before it happens. The photo near the end of the last click……just as your face relaxes and you collapse in a heap,  that’s when the magic happens. 

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