About me

You might be wondering a little about me if you are going to hire me for your big day or special shoot.

I am a well established creative photographer based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

With my own beautiful family (including our Bengal and White Russian kitty cats, plus hamster and fish and my young son) it makes me appreciate the chaos and colour of life and all those crazy moments are precious. Photography allows you to freeze time and it’s that which excites me the most.   

I was drawn to photography in my 20’s onwards when I discovered a dark room in my rental accommodation.  I have never forgotten the magic of developing my own film.

As a child, I lived in India & attended the International School of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.  We were only 35 kids in the entire school with lessons in the paddy fields, Golconda Fort and inside the bayabab tree.

I always knew I wanted a visual career. With a BA (Hons) English, French & Italian at the University of Leicester and language schools in Florence and Toulouse, I then went on to study Photography and Art at St Martin’s College of Art, London where I felt very at home.

It was so exciting being in SoHo and feeling so buzzy and at the centre of life.  

In London I worked as a Photo Editor for national newspapers and magazines including Conde Nast Traveller, Time, People (US Edition) The Daily Mail,  The Telegraph, The FT & more, commissioning photographic shoots and editing the most amazing pictures from all over the world. Behind the scenes, my passion for photography grew until I set up as a photographer in 2000.

I am lucky enough to have been a photographer for 20 years now and every single time I learn something new and experience the rewards of the magic of photography.

I look forward to meeting you and chatting over a coffee to find out more about your photography requirements.



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