Hello there let me introduce myself #meetthemaker .  I have just started a small Creative Women in Business meet up group at The Kings Arms in Berkhamsted for so many reasons which I will try to list below.

If you are interested the next date is Tuesday 7th April at 9.30am – 10.30am.

It’s an extremely informal meet up – bring your cards by all means but come sit and chat and support like minded women who have set up their own business as a Creative and Entrepreneur. So far we have had two meet ups and they have been so relaxing and supportive above all else.  Here’s how a typical meet up has developed – we arrive, we get coffee, we sit close to the gorgeous fire, we chat about everything under the sun including work of course but also life, then we hug and go home (maybe no hugging now though!) And generally feel so much better.  It’s been fab…..  We learn something about each other and recognise we are not alone in this crazily ambitious project called ‘working for ourselves’.

I heard of an American group not dissimilar and they had been meeting for nine years and been through business, life, marriage, divorce but the over riding factor which kept them going was meeting and supporting each other in all areas of life. Through chatting, women relax and unwind and talk business in very round about ways.  We don’t offer specific tips to cope with small businesses but what I have found is a wealth of information which has unexpectedly been flung my way because everyone feels comforted by the supportive presence of others and most of all I have left feeling what an incredible bunch of women  – all doing what I do!

So if you would like to come and sit by the fire, drink coffees and mingle.  Sharing ideas and meeting other creative women in business then this group is definitely for you.

It really is a friendly and sociable get together for all women in business to meet from all walks of life.

RSVP if you wish to attend: claire@artbyclaire.com and see you there by the fireplace.

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