And in this shot you would definitely not know it is raining – right? So have I set your mind at rest over this hotly debated topic? Hope so!  Here’s a reminder what it was all about….

I was at Latimer House Wedding Fair yesterday and one of the hottest topics for discussion is what do you do when it rains? Well if you are thinking of booking this venue don’t worry at all.  From October to December last year all my weddings were done in the rain – in fact it was pretty relentless but there are a few tricks you can use so it doesnt look like rain.  Whipping umbrellas away pretty fast as soon as you are in situ is one trick. I can also place you really close to a venue’s door so you only get wet for a few nano seconds and then leap back indoors.  I also stand you in one place and move around you taking shots so there are several different backdrops behind you so it looks as if you have moved – when really it is me getting soaked!

It has to be literally torrential rain for you to see it in photos and don’t forget sometimes rainy photos actually look fantastic with all those umbrellas. If the venue has a beautiful set of stairs or hall way then you can always continue with fun photos indoors too.

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