Ugandan Wedding Dance before the blessing

Just a glimpse of the most amazing and colourful dance troup Bantu Arts Group who danced for the bride and groom’s blessing in St Albans.  They were so energetic and fun, pulling two unsuspecting people out of the crowd who, to give them their credit, danced their little socks off!  Not sure what the neighbours thought to the sudden street party, but it was fantastic…. highly recommend these dancers and felt very lucky to be chosen as their photographer for this very unusual dance crew.

Julia & Ben’s Engagement Shoot

Such a fantastic time shooting Julia & Ben’s engagement shoot at Latimer House  however the unbelievable house this week has seen the lush green grass turn yellow so it almost looks beach like when they sat in the deck chairs.  Under the trees though you can find much wanted shade and greenery – which is where we headed! phewy….  I love doing these engagement shoots as such a fab opportunity to get to know each other in advance of the big day.  I highly recommend doing one if you are hesitating.  It is so beneficial plus you end up with a great set of photos of the two of you looking all beautiful, natural and relaxed.

Beautiful little newborn shoot today

Such a joy to photograph this gorgeous little newborn baby J with his big brother O……  to say this baby snoozed through his entire shoot is an understatement – He never opened his eyes once and was as chilled as a cucumber – no change of clothes was too tiresome for him – nope he let me wrap him, dress him, place him and all in all was an angel.  And even his big brother managed to step in for some photos – not always a given when they are toddlers and lets face it aren’t always too keen ! but big brother O even gave me some chuckles and some kisses for his brother – what total stars… I loved doing this new born shoot – such a total honour to photograph a new born only 12 days old…. awwwww

Here’s a few sneaky peak photos….  if you want to book your newborn shoot just email